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Welcome to Namibia Know It All, the online training program that introduces you to Namibia and simply allows you to Know It All about this unique African destination.

From Canyons to Coasts, Deserts to Dunes, Namibia has it all and is truly a Land of Contrasts. We want to take you on a journey through this land from the lush wetlands of the Caprivi Strip in the North to the World’s second largest Canyon in the South, stopping off at all the amazing areas in between.

We want to help you learn all about the Country, the place names and the attractions so that you are able to sell Namibia efficiently, effectively and most importantly to the ‘right’ clients.

Once you have become a Namibia Know It All it is our aim to upgrade you to a Namibia Seen It All agent. A number of educational trips are planned specifically for our Namibia Know It All agents and we look forward to getting to know you, our future specialists better and taking you to there.
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